And Dad saves the day

Today was not a personal best for me. We all have “those” days, where nothing is terribly wrong but there are enough things that just aren’t right to throw you off your game. The day began with a SUPER energetic wake up call from J about a half hour before he usually gets up, which was fitting because the hubby and I had stayed up late talking, and A had a particularly restless night of sleep.

Our family is in the process of moving (which was the original topic of today’s post, but has been postponed), so we all stumbled to the breakfast area so J and the hubby could get some food and I could attempt to make myself human again by consuming as much coffee as possible.

Now, generally speaking my kids are rock stars when it comes to dining out. They don’t cry, rarely throw food, and flirt with any female in their general vicinity. This morning A was his usual self, but J was in rare form. Reaching onto the counters of the buffet, running away and knocking into people, and attempting to create chaos in any other manner his almost two year old brain could conceive. In my sleep addled state, I was not quite up for this challenge. In fact, I gawked in shock when J ran into someone’s shins as they were carrying food back to their table and nearly caused him to spill both his coffee and breakfast all over the floor. I may or may not have stammered out an apology before taking off after him…it’s a bit of a blur.

Anyhow, after such auspicious beginnings my day didn’t improve. A phone call from my mom informed me they were putting down our childhood dog, and although I knew it was coming it still rocked me to my core. A lack of sleep, a hyper toddler, and a tidal wave of emotions didn’t have me in the best frame of mind to say the least. Here enters the hero of the day… Dad.

I’ve said for a long time there is a reason God gives children two parents. I don’t know how I would mitigate parenthood (or life for that matter) without my husband. He is the yin to my yang (literally, his car is black and mine is white). Where I tend to be overly quick to intervene, he encourages our kids to solve a problem on their own. Where he tends to be laid back about their diets, I make sure J eats veggies and A nurses frequently enough. In the end it all balances out and works.

My husband saw I was struggling today. In fact, I was drowning. I was feeling emotional, run down, and what’s more beating myself up for feeling those things. So in true hero fashion, he swooped in and did what he could to rescue me from myself.

Today that included making sure I had time to shower and blow dry my hair by myself, and taking the kids for a long walk so I could enjoy a much needed nap. He put out fires, and soothed tempers, and doled out hugs to me and the kids.

After the kids went to bed we were talking and I confessed to him that I felt like a terrible mom today. I wasn’t attentive or on top of things or really even fully present. And once again, he swooped in. Through his listening and reassurances, patience and understanding, he took a day where I felt like the WORST MOM and somehow flipped it on its head and managed to remind me that we’re all entitled to days like this. He convinced me that I’m not only not a terrible mom, I’m a GREAT MOM. I hope you all are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life as well.


2 thoughts on “And Dad saves the day

  1. Aww Sarah…you brought tears to my eyes with this post. I’m so glad G was there to make you feel better before going to bed that night. 🙂 My mom and dad always said to “never go to bed angry or upset.”

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