Capsule Wardrobes

My husband and I have been chatting a lot lately about ways to simplify our lives. In our younger days, neither of us much cared for routine. We did what we want, when we wanted and liked it that way. One of the many ways parenthood has changed us is that it’s made us “real adults.” We want a clean house, we like routine and consistency, and a simpler slower life. As these changes happen we find ourselves often looking around wondering why  we have so many things we don’t use.

Enter the appeal of a capsule wardrobe. After doing some research I’ve learned that while approaches vary most people seem to advocate a 37 piece collection. Most of our clothes are in storage right now and will be until we complete our move, but I’m looking forward to sorting through them and purging the things I don’t wear. I’m curious if anyone else has tried this approach? Did you like it? Any tips?

If you’re curious about it check out this article:


2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobes

  1. I simplified, but have had trouble rebuilding after purging. I’ve found that I don’t like how clothes fit on me, so I’m having trouble with maintaining the simplified wardrobe and actually finding things to wear. At one point, I only had two bottoms that worker with any of my tops, but I hated them and felt uncomfortable wearing them, so I had to rebuild with tops I like less, and a wardrobe I don’t actually like at all, in an effort to accommodate bottoms that are mediocre. I think my capsule wardrobe is realistically a few years off, and 20+ pounds off, for the sake of fit more than looks.


    • I can so relate! I’m really good at getting rid of stuff, but I still don’t end up with a good wardrobe. I’m really trying to think through what pieces I use the most and what I need this time instead of just purging without a plan. I’ll let you know how it goes. Did you look at the link? I liked her insights on how to distribute your wardrobe.


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