5 Things I Hope my Sons Learn From Their Father

                                                                     5 Things I Hope My Sons Learn From Their Father

In light of Father’s Day, I’ve found myself thinking about the amazing fathers in my life. I have been blessed with a wonderful dad who taught (and continues to teach) my sister and me many things from the value of loving what you do, to looking for the humor in difficult situations. My dad has taught me so many things, and I’m lucky to have a dad who took his job as a father seriously. He didn’t shy away from the bad stuff, he tackled it head on doling out advice and reprimands as needed but knowing that ultimately the choice of what type of person we would become rested squarely on our shoulders and all he could do was guide and encourage us to make the right choices.

When I see my husband with our sons, I know that he’s that same type of father. Even at their tender young ages he encourages them to test their boundaries, explore their world, and when necessary step in with a comforting hug or a firm reprimand. Although he hears it far less than he should, my husband is an amazing father and I know our sons will learn countless things from him, if I could ensure they learned JUST these five I know they would be good men.

1. Be curious about the world around you. My husband knows at least something about everything and a lot about a lot. His mind works so differently than mine, itk still surprises me sometimes. What I’m content to accept as a fact he questions, and researches, and learns about. I think it’s pretty amazing and because of it my horizons have been dramatically expanded to include knowledge of weather patterns, the human immune system, title insurance and countless other topics.

2. Be dedicated and passionate. When he is seven, my husband decided what he wanted he wanted to do with his life. He then worked his a$$ off to make it happen. Every single choice he made was with his was his goal in mind. He worked and worked and worked. Now that he’s in his calling he still has that fire. Every day he goes into work he knows why he’s there. He sacrifices a lot of the convenience that come with a 9-5 job, but it’s worth the trade off because it’s something he loves.

3. Forgive those you love completely. My husband and I have been together almost a decade now, and you can bet we’ve been through good and bad times. The amazing thing about my husband is I have NEVER had to ask for forgiveness and I’ve NEVER had a mistake thrown back in my face. It astounds me how truly and deeply he forgives me on a daily basis. It’s also, wisely, not something he extends to just anyone, he saves it for his family and those he loves like family.


4. Don’t grow up completely. One of the things I love best about my husband is we can act like complete fools together. We can have a ninja kicking contest during naptime or play board games after the kids are asleep. He can build forts a dad tickle fight and wrestle better than any dad I know, because deep down he’s still a big kid at heart.

5. Know when to fight and when to let things slide. I tend to have a fight personality. Blame it on my Italian roots, I guess, but my husband weighs the entire situation before getting worked up. If it’s not something that’s going to dramatically impact him or his family he let’s it go, but when it’s something big lord help you if you’re his opponent.


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