5 Super Powers Every Mom Has


As fast as a dropping sippy cup, as strong as a struggling toddler, it’s SUPER MOM!!! Seriously, entering motherhood means a lot of things for different people  but one thing any mom can attest to is that you develop super powers you never knew you had.

1) The Patience of the Dali Llama. This super power comes in handy A LOT and from what I’ve seen its as useful during the newborn stage as it is with those oh-so-charming teenager. From, “Why, no you can still not have a cookie even though you’ve been asking for the last 20 minutes” and “I’m sorry, you DO need to wear a diaper to go outside and play even though this is quite the impressive meltdown you’re having” to more benign things like NEEDING to go poopy as soon as you’ve buckled them into their car seats and spilling a cup of juice on you as you’re walking out the door. Patience is more than a virtue in motherhood, it’s a survival skill and mamas need a lot of it for our sanity and the well being of our kids.

2) The Juggling Skills of a Russian Circus Performer  (or at least a clown school dropout). Most moms I know can carry more than a mule. We’re talking two kids, a diaper bag, a sippy cup (which for some reason is never IN said diaper bag), a cup of lukewarm coffee, a dog leash, car keys, and a bag of groceries. It’s an amazing and terrifying sight to behold.

3) Telepathic abilities rivaling Xmen characters. This one is crucial. Moms have the ability to just LOOK at kids and know what’s going on in those precious little heads. This power is vital to predicting tantrums, dangerous stunts, and runaway attempts. Not to mention preventing that other kid at the park from stealing your kids unattended sippy cups.

4) More Stamina than the Energizer Bunny. Whether it’s chasing kiddos around the backyard or singing “The Wheels on the Bus” for twenty minutes straight moms power through with a seemingly never ending energy supply, which is good because sleep is a luxury moms don’t get to enjoy an abundance of.

5) More Love Than a Bus Full of Hippies on Their Way to Woodstock. This might not be a conventional super power, but Moms take love to a whole new level. No one loves as deeply or as fiercely as a mom. It doesn’t matter how far those little people push us or how unlovable they might act sometimes, moms never stop loving and never stop working to show that love.

So the next time you’re feeling tired or run down, relax mama! You’ve got this, you’re a super mom.


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