Another Post About Poop

I wish this wasn’t my second blog post about poop because, well, what does that say about my life? It says that poop is a real issue in our house. You can bet if it’s made it up here twice it’s definitely a part of my daily experience and not in a good way.

Poop in our house seems to go hand and hand with nap time (or what should be nap time). This happens in one of two ways:
1) Someone who is supposed to be napping poops.

2) J uses poop as a reason to interrupt his brothers nap or, more bluntly, to express his dismay at being forced to play by himself while I put A down for a nap.

Allow me to elaborate on each of the above situations. Earlier this week I was putting A down for a nap when I heard a knock on the bedroom door, which of course was perfectly timed to startle A from his pre-nap trance.  The following conversation then ensues:

J:”Mommy, Mommy, Mom, Mama… Come?”

A: “Waaaa-Waaaa.”

Me: “J, I’m with A right now. I’ll be out in a minute. Is something wrong?”

J: ” No. Night-night, A.”

A few minutes pass. Another knock at the door.

Me: ” J, I’ll be out in a minute. Do you need something?”

J: ” No, I go play.”

A: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Me: “Ok, just another second.”

Finally, poor A falls asleep. And I walk out of the bedroom to step squarely in POOP. J had apparently been trying to tell me he needed to go to the bathroom.  Classic situation number 1.

Today, we encountered the first situation. My mother-in-law is visiting and she and my husband watched the boys while I ran to Target to meander run some very important errands which happened to coincide with nap time. I came home to both boys asleep, but only after a lot of coaxing, singing and bribery from my husband. As is often the case in these situations, the sleeping babies did not lie.

A woke up fit to tie, angrily screaming. At first I attributed it to teething since the poor kiddo is cutting three teeth right now, but he wanted nothing to do with teething tablets or gum massage. So then I thought maybe he was hungry, but again he wanted nothing to do with eating. Finally, I checked his diaper. Jackpot. It was chocked full of poop.

Now, I’m not sure why, but for some when my napping children poop it acts as a huge stimulant. I may as well give them a pot of coffee. Because once that wipe touches their tushies, they are awake. There’s no rhyme or reason, but it is an accepted fact in our house just as much as the sky being blue.

Yes, these are the glory days of our lives. Spent wiping poop off the floor and cute little bottoms. Amidst holding my nose and trying not to gag, I can’t help but laugh. Soon these days will have passed, and I’ll long for the days when I could solve my boys problems with some diaper wipes and a clean diaper. So for now, I’ll continue to let my days revolve around poopy diapers and I’ll relish in it.


2 thoughts on “Another Post About Poop

  1. Haha!! Thank you for making me smile and making my night. Who doesn’t love a good poop post? I love your voice and sense of humor. It’s what keeps us sane, right? Keep the poop posts coming!


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