How (NOT) To Get Ready For Vacation


Tomorrow, I will embark on my first solo plane trip with two children… and a small dog. Right now I am in the throws of preperation due to a large lack of planning on my part. The above is a picture of my attempts at packing while my children ran/crawled around helping in the way only small children can. How did it come to this you ask? I asked myself that too.

I mean, I’ve been setting clothes aside and making lists and timetables for the past few days trying to get ready but I made a few critical errors. In an effort to prevent you from suffering the same fate, I present you with the following list of how (not) to get ready for vacation.

1) Forget your actual departure date. Yes- I did this. I mean, I knew I was leaving on the 4th, but I thought that was Wednesday. Apparently I can’t read a calendar.

2) Keep your children out late the night before so that their entire routine is confused. We had dinner at a friend’s house last night, which was lovely, but resulted in a later than normal bedtime. As any parent worth their salt knows, this spells disaster.

3) Spend a lot of time doing things unrelated to your trip. Since I had our departure date mistaken we went to ab exercise class, played at the park, assembled some new toys, and a whole boat load of other things instead of packing. Seriously, face palm.

4) Spend a lot of time  (unsuccessfully) trying to get your kids to nap. Since bedtime was off last night, naptime suffered today. I told myself I would pack and clean during afternoon naps, but the boys had different plans. After an hour or so of trying to get them to nap, I gave up and loaded everyone in the car to run some last minute errands. On cue, both kids zonked out immediately.

5) Sit in the parking lot  and wonder how you’re going to get everything done. This one is pretty self explainatory, but I should add I occasionally burst into hysterical laughter as I’m editing my to do lists.

6) Take a deep breath and know that it will be ok. We will all survive. My house may be a mess when my neighbors check in on the cat, but that’s ok. I may not get everything on my lists checked off, but as long as I have happy(ish) kiddos who I did my best to care for and shelter from the shit storm of the day, that’s what matters.

But seriously, prayers and positive energy appreciated. Seriously.


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