Staying Sane During a Nap Strike


Both J and A are currently trying to negotiate our naptime arrangement. I feel VERY, VERY strongly that they should nap. Specifically, I feel A should nap twice a day, J should nap once, and that they should overlap at least a bit.
Totally unreasonable, I know.

Apparently, that’s how J and A feel about it. They’d like for naptime to be more of a free flow, “why don’t you hold me or sing to me for a few hours and let’s see where it goes?” type of affair. As this approach is not super practical, we are still in negotiations.  But what is a mama to do when there is no nap time respite in sight? Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with. Some of them I have tested, others are purely hypothetical. Please keep in mind that these are mostly tongue and cheek, so try not to get too shocked or outraged if some offend your sensibilities.

1) Write about it. Isn’t writing wonderful? It helps take me out of the moment and look down at myself from a distance. To quote the great Bette Middler, “From a distance you look like my friend/ Even though we are at war.” Sometimes writing about it can put things back into perspective and help you ease the tension. So blog, status update, or journal away!

2) Pick your poison. We all have a guilty pleasure. Perhaps it’s a glass of wine or perhaps it’s brownie fudge icecream. Mine is much worse, it’s spinach… Ok, ok, full disclosure it’s the two aforementioned poisons. This might be a good time to stock up on your poison of choice. A little scoop of brownie icecream goes a long way towards keeping me patient and kind during these struggles. And a glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.

3) Call Grandma. Seriously, call Grandma or Auntie or someone who’s lived it. Tell them all of your frustrations and worries and let them fortify you with their, “been there, done that” wisdom.

4) Get your sweat on. A little workout helps ease stress by releasing feel good endorphins and helping to burn off your poison of choice from #2.

5) Stick to your guns (within reason). It’s my personal opinion that sticking to the routine should be the first course of attack, but sometimes that just isn’t going to work. If you’re about to loose your ever loving mind or your kiddo is genuinely distraught, wave the white flag. Call an audible. Postpone naptime if you have to. Maybe it’s a fluke and tomorrow will be better, maybe they need a new naptime that’s earlier or later. Who knows? This is what I’ve found to be true: if you keep beating a dead horse, it can’t run any faster. Some naps just won’t happen and it helps everyone in my house stay happier if I just acknowledge that and move on.

What are your nap strike tips?


One thought on “Staying Sane During a Nap Strike

  1. 🙂 Loved all your tips! Thankfullly past the fighting nap time stage…but bed time is still an issue 🙂 And I agree with you about writing…or having hot chocolate as I wait…or a piece of chocolate…and the best, sometimes just letting things be, to ease the pressure

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