Dear A, I love you but…


Dear A,
Let me start by saying I love you dearly. You are a ray of sunshine in my world and all of that loveliness, BUT we need to have a chat. This business with you not sleeping is not going to cut it.

The past four nights you’ve woken up at ungodly hours, and tried to go about starting our day…during the middle of the night. You talk, you coo, you stand at your crib rail, and try to persuade me. It’s all very cute, I guess. But here is the thing, we need sleep. Like, biologically need it. And I need it to insure I don’t lose my sanity.

You seem to feel pretty strongly about this not sleeping business, but I assure you I feel much more strongly about it. So you can keep up that angry screaming, since I won’t pick you up and play, but I think we’d both feel better if you threw up the white flag and went back to bed.

Your sleep deprived mom


10 thoughts on “Dear A, I love you but…

      • Going to bed has been better but staying asleep is a whole other issue. She gets up wide awake to play at 3am. We are going to switch into a big bed out of the toddler. I started lavender oils and that did nothing last night so we keep on hoping it is a phase. šŸ˜


      • Im glad bedtime has improved! J did the same thing from 15-18 months. Our pediatrician recommended letting him fuss for 5 or 10 mins on his own if he was just asking to play. I don’t know if it was that advice or if it would have resolved itself anyway, but it took a few nights and then back to sleeping through the night. It’s so ironic that just as they are capable of sleeping through the night they hit a developmental milestone and BAM it’s gone again, lol.

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  1. Oh! Good luck getting through this stage. I love sleep way too much not to feel your pain. We’re trying to wean our youngest from a bottle, but that rule goes out the door when she screams for one at 4 am…

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