J turns TWO!


Well folks, it’s official. J is the big T-W-O. I don’t know where the time has gone, and it seems utterly impossible, but it’s true. Although the last two years have flown by, I can safely say that they have been the most fun and challenging years of my life. We are so blessed to have a son who is not only hilarious and smart, but also kind and generous.

Not to go too proud mama on you all, but at two J knows lots of colors (including magenta) and can count to 6. To be honest, I’m not really sure if that’s impressive in general, but I’m impressed. I’m also not sure where he learned to count to 6, but he apparently took it upon himself to go above and beyond learning to count to 5 like we had been working on.

To celebrate J’s big day, I’d like to commemorate some of my favorite J quotes.

1.  “I have boogers, Mommy. I need medicine. Yup.” This little gem comes out any time he has a moderately stuffy nose. Mind you, when he is really sick he refuses to take medicine without reenacting a scene from a horror movie.

2. ” HEY! Mr. Seagull, stop being so terrible.”  Yelled during lunch at a seafood restaurant after being told that he couldn’t share his french fries with said seagull.

3. ” It’s poop.” (Followed by hysterical laughter) This quote was in response to me asking about some food he had hidden in his high chair during dinner. It was his first poop joke, and since I’ve had many more to enjoy.

4. “I need coffee.” Yes, this is a statement my two year old makes. Of course he doesn’t get it, but it might be indicative that mommy has a coffee problem.

5. “I LOOOOVE IT!!!!” J never passes up an opportunity to emphatically declare his love for something. I wish I could phonetically type it the way he says it, but there is just no way to do justice to the cuteness that is him declaring his love to/ of various things.

6. “I’m mad. GRRR.” Thank you, Daniel Tiger. Ever since we watched the episode where Daniel gets mad, J has decided he will grrr when angry. Just in case you didn’t know what he meant when he said he was mad.

All in all, there are just too many precious moments to recall. My sweet, adventurous boy gives me something to look forward to and make me laugh even on the most challenging of days. His sweet little boy kisses, hugs, and giggles make my heart sing and drive me to be the best person I can be. I can’t wait to see the wonderful young man that J grows into, and look forward to enjoying many more birthday celebrations!


5 thoughts on “J turns TWO!

  1. So sweet! My daughter is 2 and also tells me “I need coffee”, immediately followed by a giggle and “No, mama says I no get coffee, Mama need coffee.” – Definitely indicitive of a mama with a coffee problem. Happy Birthday Mr. J.

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